5150 Snowboarding


Employment Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in 5150 Snowboards as a potential employer, but chances are we are not hiring at this time. We are a small group of people here at 5150, which means available positions are few and far between. If something does come up, the position will most likely be posted on the 5150 the web site so keep checking back. You may also check the job listings posted on our parent company's site: www.k2sports.com. We wish you the best of luck in the pursuit of a career that reflects your personal interests and encourage you not to give up.

Financial Reports

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We are always looking at rad rippers, both new and “seasoned” - the best way is to email us your video link. We might hook you up!

Our Brand History

In 1992, an industrial accident at the Thermal Factory in Coronado, California, caused the employee’s to suffer from a rare, toxic syndrome. The area was quarantined and rumors began to circulate about zombie’s roaming the factory grounds. The authorities were forced to go in with heavy reinforcements to obliterate the brain-eating creatures. After the melee, all that remained was the zombie love-child, 5150 snowboards.

Appropriately named for the police code, "Bring the straitjackets, we got a crazy one!”, 5150 Snowboards has long been known for it’s rebellious image. Skate-style shralping and hard partying team riders like Mike Ranquet, and more recently, Andy Forgash and Shawn Durst, cemented 5150 as the down and dirty snowboard brand.

In 1995, Ride Snowboards acquired 5150 Snowboards. Under the K2 banner since 1999, 5150 is known for high quality, durable snowboards, boots and bindings for all skill levels. 5150’s products are designed in Seattle, WA and tested and ridden on the Cascade mountain range of the Pacific Northwest.